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Original publication name: ST3Gal-II

Colony code name: SP

Gene symbol: St3gal2

Gene name(s): ST3GalII, sialyltransferase 5

Protein name: ST3Gal sialyltransferase 3

Chromosome: 8

Reported functions: Formation of a2-3 sialic acid linkages on selectin ligands

Genomic DNA source: 129/SvJ

Mutation type: Conditional replacement of single exon encoding large sialylmotif

ES cell line: R1

Current genetic background: Mixed C57Bl/6 and 129/Sv (at least three generations backcrossed)

Name of contributing investigator: J. Marth

Name of institution: University of California, San Diego

Primary reference: Ellies L, et al. PNAS. 2002;99(15):10042-10047. [PubMed]

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