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Professor and Chairperson of Biology at Brooklyn College, CUNY. I have a B.S. in Chemistry from U. Chicago in 1971, a PhD in Biochemistry from U. California Berkeley with C.E. Ballou, I was a post-doc in zoology at U. Wisconsin with Jack Lilien. I was Asst. Prof. through Prof. of Biology at Hunter College CUNY before moving to Brooklyn College in 2006.

My lab works on structure-function of fungal cell adhesion proteins, including recent work on role of amyloid sequences in cell-cell adhesion and host-pathogen interactions. Most of this work has been with Ig-superfamily adhesins, but recently we have started work on the Flo families of lectins as well. We also work and publish on fungal cell wall biogenesis and evolution, using genomic and bioinformatic approaches.

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