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The mannose receptor represents a paradigm for the involvement of C-type lectins in clearance of circulating glycoproteins. The role of glycan-binding receptors as tags for uptake and turnover was one of the first established functions for endogenous sugar-binding proteins and provides a key model for how glycans can modulate communication between cells in a physiological context. While the asialoglycoprotein receptor would be considered the founder member of this group of receptors, the in vivo evidence for its function is less compelling than the results for the mannose receptor, which has well defined roles in clearance of sulfated glycoprotein hormones and mannose-bearing glycoproteins released at sites of inflammation.


CFG Participating Investigators contributing to the understanding of this paradigm

As in the case of P-Selectin, much of the evidence for functions of the mannose receptor pre-dates the CFG. However, there have been some further developments for this receptor and other related glycan-binding proteins (GBPs). PIs have generated and characterized knockout mice, defined the sugar-binding specificities, demonstrated clearance in vivo and endocytosis in tissue culture, and performed structural analyses.

PIs working with the mannose receptor include: Kurt Drickamer, Ten Feizi, Reiko Lee, Yuan Lee, Michel Nussenzweig, Pauline Rudd, Nathalie Scholler, Maureen Taylor, Bill Weis, Chi-Huey Wong

Progress toward understanding this GBP paradigm

Carbohydrate ligands

Cellular expression


Biological roles of GBP-ligand interaction

CFG resources used in investigations

The best examples of CFG contributions to this paradigm are described below, with links to specific data sets. For a complete list of CFG data and resources relating to this paradigm, see the CFG database search results for "mannose receptor".

Glycan profiling

Glycogene microarray

The CFG analyzed patterns of mannose receptor expression.

Knockout mouse lines

Before funding for knockout mice was discontinued, the CFG developed the DNA construct to create a mouse line lacking the scavenger receptor. The construct can now be obtained from the Mutant Mouse Regional Resource Center (MMRRC) at the University of California, Davis.

Glycan array

The CFG analyzed the binding specificities of the mannose receptor.

Related GBPs

Asialoglycoprotein receptor, scavenger receptor C-type lectin, Kupffer cell receptor


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The CFG is grateful to the following PIs for their contributions to this wiki page: Kurt Drickamer, Maureen Taylor, Yvette van Kooyk

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