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LSECtin serves a model for other members of the C-type lectin family that are expressed on sinusoidal endothelial cells and facilitate viral infection, but lack endocytic function.


CFG Participating Investigators contributing to the understanding of this paradigm

Several PIs are working on ligand-binding specificity of LSECtin and interaction of this C-type lectin with viral pathogens.

  • PIs working on LSECtin include: Angel Corbi, Kurt Drickamer, Maureen Taylor
  • PIs working on L-SIGN/DC-SIGNR include: Ben Appelmelk, Angel Corbi, Kurt Drickamer, Benhur Lee, Maureen Taylor, Yvette van Kooyk, Bill Weis

Progress toward understanding this GBP paradigm

Carbohydrate ligands

Cellular expression


Biological roles of GBP-ligand interaction

CFG resources used in investigations

The best examples of CFG contributions to this paradigm are described below, with links to specific data sets. For a complete list of CFG data and resources relating to this paradigm, see the CFG database search results for LSECtin.

Glycan profiling

Glycogene microarray

Knockout mouse lines

LSECtin knockout mice were created by the CFG and are in the queue for phenotype analysis in 2010/11.

Glycan array

Glycan array analysis of LSECtin has revealed unusually high selectivity for specific ligands.

Related GBPs




The CFG is grateful to the following PIs for their contributions to this wiki page: Kurt Drickamer, Yvette van Kooyk

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