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DC-SIGN is a C-type lectin that plays roles in both cell-cell and host-pathogen interactions, and thus serves as a model for both processes. This glycan-binding protein (GBP) paradigm also serves as a model for other members of the C-type lectin family expressed on dendritic cells.


CFG Participating Investigators contributing to the understanding of this paradigm

Many investigators, both CFG Participating Investigators (PIs) and non-PIs using CFG resources, have led extensive studies on DC-SIGN, particularly regarding structure-function relationships, interactions with pathogens, and signaling functions in dendritic cells.


  • Pedro Bonay
  • Angel Corbi
  • Kurt Drickamer
  • Juan Garcia-Vallejo
  • Donald Harn
  • Kayo Inaba
  • Benhur Lee
  • Olivier Neyrolles
  • Irma van Die
  • Yvette van Kooyk
  • William Weis
  • Martin Wild

Non-PIs with who have used CFG resources:

  • Brigitte Gicquel
  • Arne Skerra
  • Ralph Steinman

Progress toward understanding this GBP paradigm

Carbohydrate ligands

Cellular expression


Biological roles of GBP-ligand interaction

CFG resources used in investigations

Glycan profiling

Glycogene microarray

Knockout mouse lines

Knockout mice for three potential DC-SIGN orthologues were created by the CFG and distributed to PIs, and their phenotypes were analyzed.

Glycan array

Glycan array analysis and synthetic oligosaccharides were used to elucidate DC-SIGN glycan-binding specificity and analyze the mechanism of specific glycan binding.

CFG database search results for DC-SIGN
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Reagents Glycan profiling Glycan structures
Mouse lines Glycogene microarray GBP molecules
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Other resources Glycan array

Related GBPs

Other dendritic cell lectins include langerin, DCIR, and DCAR. Paralogs on other cells include DC-SIGNR.



The CFG is grateful to the following PIs for their contributions to this wiki page: Kurt Drickamer, Yvette van Kooyk

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